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PPTP Client

Contact Us

Mailing Lists

Subscribe to the pptpclient-devel mailing list and post your problem. On this mailing list we discuss problems and changes. Unless you say otherwise, we will reply to the mailing list, so it is a good idea to subscribe. We expect replies to the mailing list, not to individuals, see why. You are most welcome to help any others who have problems you can solve. You might also like to check the list archives on MARC or SourceForge in case a problem like yours had already been solved.

We are volunteers. You may need to give the right sort of information to motivate us to respond. If you find we are not responding, check to see if you are doing the best you can - see How To Ask Questions The Smart Way (but please don't write to that document's authors!)

For problems with PPP, use the PPP mailing list, and the archives on MARC.

For problems relating to pptpd, use the Poptop-Server mailing list, with archives on MARC.

Security Issues

If you have a security patch or have found a vulnerability, we understand it might not be a good idea to write to the mailing list. Instead, contact the release engineer directly, by e-mail at quozl at laptop dot org.