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PPTP Client


Information for current and prospective developers.

Mailing List

Subscribe to the pptpclient-devel mailing list if you intend to contribute to this project. On this mailing list we discuss problems and changes.


You may send patches by e-mail, direct or to the mailing list, or if you have CVS commit rights, you may use them.

Developers have permission (and encouragement) to adjust more than the file that they are submitting. Other files that may be adjusted are:

  • ChangeLog, documentation of changes at the code level.

  • NEWS, a history of changes as far as an end user is concerned.

  • AUTHORS, a list of people who want credit for contributions.

  • TODO, a list of things yet to be done.

See section two of Eric Raymond's Software Release Practice HOWTO for some useful information on good patching practice.

Security Issues

If you have a security patch or have found a vulnerability, we understand it might not be a good idea to write to the mailing list. Instead, contact the release engineer directly, by e-mail at james.cameron at hp.com.

Internet Relay Chat

Developers who use IRC on a regular basis are welcome to add the project's channel to their list of autojoin channels.

    Server: irc.freenode.net
    Channel: #pptp