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PPTP Client

by James Cameron
30th May 2006

Documentation - Installation

Documentation - Support

  • PPTP Client Diagnosis HOWTO

    A path to follow to check your work when your PPTP Client is not working. This is being updated as new problems come to light on the mailing list.

  • PPTP Client Design Diagrams

    Showing how the components fit together, these diagrams will help you understand the data flows involved.

  • PPTP Client Routing HOWTO

    Installing the PPTP Client often brings up many questions about routing, and so we have a place for them to be answered. By Linus McCabe & James Cameron.

  • How secure is PPTP, should it be used?

    PPTP has faults which cannot be fixed, that render it risky in certain security situations. By Peter Mueller & James Cameron.

Documentation - Archaic

  • Shashank Khanvilkar's PPTP VPN paper

    Installing both server and client on Red Hat 8.0 or 9. [2003-06-03]

  • FreeBSD Diary, Creating a VPN using PPTP

    An article which describes how to install and configure the PPTP Client on FreeBSD.

  • SuSE 6? HOWTO

    Craig Maxwell got it going by installing the pptp-linux-1.1.0 i386.rpm, the ppp-mppe-2.4.0 i386.rpm for the kernel modules, then reinstalling ppp-2.4.1-34 from the SuSE CD as it already has MPPE support.

  • Charlie Greenman's Red Hat HOWTO

    Describes how to install, setup, and use of the PPTP Client on Red Hat 6.2. Sadly, it's quote outdated.