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PPTP Client

Mandrake 9.0 HOWTO

by James Cameron
12th May 2003

This briefly describes how to install PPTP Client on a Mandrake 9.0 system. It was tested on a system installed from CD-ROM.

  • the Mandrake 9.0 installation kernel already has the OpenSSL licensed MPPE module,

  • the Mandrake 9.0 PPP package already has MPPE support,

  • pptp-linux-1.1.0 is packaged as an RPM, on CD #2, so install it,

  • using pptp-command, we were able to get a tunnel running quite easily.
The only problem we had was the known GRE socket not yet open issue, which we solved using the documented workaround "# modprobe ip_gre". This is usually only a problem if your PPTP server is on a local network.

We were also able to install the pptp-linux-1.2.0 RPM, with "--nodeps", and run 1.2.0 instead.

We were able to install the pptpconfig RPM for the PPTP client GUI, again with "--nodeps", and use it to configure a tunnel. The "require-mppe" option syntax wasn't accepted by the older Mandrake 9.0 pppd program, and so configuring MPPE support meant using the older option format rather than just clicking the GUI button.

Wanted: a simple recipe for people to follow to replace the Mandrake supplied MPPE kernel module with the PPP 2.4.2 module. We know that one of the steps is to remove the old mppe.o file and the line from /etc/modules.conf that mentions MPPE, otherwise init_module: File exists may happen. But we could do with a detailed log of the whole kernelmod process.


If you have comments on this document, please send them to the author at quozl at laptop.org. But if you need help, use the mailing list so that we can share the load.


2003-08-01 Add "Wanted" section.
2003-05-12 First draft.