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PPTP Client

Diagrams HOWTO

by James Cameron
1st May 2002

The diagrams were prepared with the dia package, version 0.88.1-3 from Debian GNU/Linux (woody). The features of dia that were used included;

  • snap to grid,
  • line width zero,
  • vertical alignment of text against enclosures,
  • corner radius 0.50 for rectangles,
  • colours set to match Diagnosis HOWTO,
  • export to PNG.
The export to PNG generated a half size image, and the screen rendering of dia itself was much clearer, so The GIMP was used to capture that image instead. The production steps in The GIMP were;
  • acquire screenshot,
  • cut to border,
  • save as png, maximum compression, interlacing.

The dia source files for the diagrams are available here:

PPTP over PPP pptp-ppp.dia.gz
PPTP over ADSL pptp-adsl.dia.gz
PPTP with broken routes pptp-ip-loop.dia.gz

Thank you for your interest. We hope you can use this information.