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PPTP Client

Why Not Me

Someone you wrote to has pointed you here because you sent a reply to them rather than the mailing list;

Please direct replies to the project mailing list.

Private replies are delayed, triaged, or may not be responded to, because they;

  1. deprive others of the opportunity to contribute, (load shared)
  2. tend to drown communication channels for one person,
  3. suggest that one person is responsible, when they are not,
  4. prevent others from checking any responses, (peer review)
  5. prevent others with same problem from finding your post in archives later (records kept).
We make an exception for;

  • security vulnerability support, where full disclosure is not desirable,
  • explicit invitation for private transmission of a debug log, core dump, or tcpdump file for analysis.
Please read http://catb.org/~esr/faqs/smart-questions.html to understand the engagement process for volunteers in Open Source communities. Do not write to that document's authors about your immediate technical problem!